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Related article: Mackey, Cheap Naproxen F. Freake and W. J. Drybrough, the result of the final also remained in doubt Naproxen Buy till the last moment : and, as in the final of the Rugby Open Tournament, was won by Mr. Buckmaster's scoring just before the bell rang. Mr. Buckmaster's concluding success last season was at Stan- sted, where a Tournament was Purchase Naproxen Online organised on the American sys- tem ; four teams entered, and each goal scored counted one point, Buy Cheap Naproxen each game won counted three, and a draw one point and a half. * Mr. Buckmaster's team, Messrs. Ormond Blyth (No. i), G. B. Game (No. 2), and George Game (back) won by two points and a half after a close final with Messrs. Gerald Gold, P. BuUi- vant, A. Lobb and R. Blyth. On June 28th last, at Hurling- ham, the Old Cantabs, Order Naproxen Online Mr. Buck- master, Messrs. Walter and Lau- rence, Mr. McCreery and Mr. F. M. Freake, Buy Naproxen Online won the Champion Cup, beating in the final by three goals to one, the Hurlingham team, Mr. Johnstone, Captain the Hon. J. Beresford, Mr. Foxhall Keene, and Mr. John Watson. The same team, after an exciting contest in the semi-final against Ranelagh on July 1 Buy Naproxen 2th, won the Open Chal- lenge Cup at Ranelagh on July 14th, when the opposing side of Freebooters, (Captain the Hon. Reginald Ward, Mr. A. Raw- linson, Captain D. St. G. Daly, and Major Reginald Hoare) were beaten by eight goals to one. It is worthy of note that Mr. Buckmaster considers the best matches he has played in, two in which his side was beaten. One was the final for the Open Cup at Hurlingham in 1897, when the famous Rugby t^am, consisting of Mr. G. A. Miller, Captain Ren- ton, Mr. E. D. Miller, and the late Mr. W. Drybrough, won the Tournament for the first time, beating Messrs. A. Rawlinson, Gerald Hardy, John Watson and himself, by two goals to love. That was really a great game. The one he couples with it in memory is the final for the Hunt Cup at Ranelagh in 1898, when the Warwickshire, Messrs. W. J. Mackey, F. Freake, F. Har- greaves, and W. Drybrough, beat Messrs. H. Cumberland Bentley, Captain Renton, F. Drage, and himself. The Hurlingham game is memorable for Mr. John Wat- son's play on that occasion; it was, says Mr. Buckmaster, who has played No. 3 to most backs in England, the finest game at back he has ever seen. Like every other player, Mr. Buckmaster is a great admirer of the Master of the Meath on the polo-ground. 82 BAILY S MAGAZINE. [August He Order Naproxen would rather play No. 3 to Mr. Watson's back than to any other in the kingdom. Mr. Wat- son is not a strong hitter, rather the contrary ; but his generalship and tactics are unequalled. Many young players who have come to the front in recent years owe much to Mr. John Watson*s tui- tion and example. Mr. Buckmaster is a finished horseman, and has few equals as a trainer of polo ponies. He knows Buy Naproxen Sodium a good one when he sees it, indeed, his judgment is so sound that he frequently offici- ated as judge of polo classes at the leading shows. The best ponies he has ever owned and made are the Canadian Bendigo (which, by the way, won twenty- three races before he crossed the Atlantic) and the English pony Sunshine. Others nearly as good are The Cat, Early Dawn. Mainspring, Fusilier, and Pa- tricia. Were anyone called upon to form a team to play for the Kingdom and Colonies, his first choice would fall upon Mr. Buck- master, who as No. 3 would, so to speak, form the foundation- stone of the combination. He has been a playing member of the Stansted Club for several years, but the Essex ground naturally sees little of him during the height of the season, when the game is in full swing at Hurlingham and Ranelagh. He is as Generic Naproxen good over a country as he is on the polo ground, and has twice won the Essex Hunt Cup, namely, in 1894 ^°^ ^^97 » ^^ Success. Though a member of the Stock Exchange, he contrives to find time for polo in summer and hunting in winter. For the last few seasons he has Where To Buy Naproxen leased a hunting box in the Pytchley country, where he keeps his horses. In June, 1896, he mar- ried Miss Ida Blyth, daughter of Mr. Henry A. Blyth, of 45, Portland Place, who shares his love of hunting, and is known as a good and keen rider to Naproxen Online hounds. Buy Naproxen 500 Mg The Salmon Question. A Royal Commission appointed to inquire Purchase Naproxen into the causes affecting the yield of salmon fisheries in England, Wales and Scotland is now sitting, and hence it may be deemed an appropriate time to consider this most important and complicated question in all its aspects. That the interests of the owners or lessees of net fisheries are identical with those of the anglers is a fact which cannot be too strongly impressed on all who are interested in the subject. Unless a sufficient proportion of the salmon are allowed to ascend the rivers in search of suitable spawning grounds, the natural reproduction will be inadequate to supply a stock of mature fish in future years, and the conse- quent results to the netting in- dustry must be disastrous. The presence of a fair stock in the rivers will conduce to improved sport for the rod fisherman, but the aggregate number killed by anglers even in the best of sea- sons during the spring and sum- mer is too insignificant to have 1900.1 THE SALMON QUESTION. 83 any serious effect. During the autumn, however, the indiscri- minate slaughter of fish in which the ova and milt have reached an advanced stage of development should be rendered illegal. Some